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Home Alarm Systems

Eyesec Alarm systems and panic buttons

EYESEC Home alarm systems offer you maximum protection and control over your home security, from the comfort of your own home or from wherever you may be in the world.

Home alarm systems offering the ultimate in technology whilst being simple to use.

Figures have revealed that burglary costs the average home owner over £2,800 in stolen valuables and almost £600 to pay for damage caused by the break-in.

That’s an average cost of £3400

The damage burglars can cause during a break-in results in costs to repair doors, broken locks and windows, and damage to furniture.

Then there’s the cost of replacing stolen items – particularly jewellery, money and wallets, which tend to be the most desirable items to burglars. But it’s not just the intrinsic cost of these items; sadly the sentimental value can never be replaced.

It may cost £600 to replace a top of the range mobile phone, but again it can be hard to account for the emotional cost of lost pictures and videos.

All our Home Alarm Systems include as standard:

Remote Control

Simply push one button to arm your home alarm system and another to disarm. It couldn’t be simpler to use.

Dual Technology Detection

Passive Infrared sensor and Microwave Doppler Sensor combine together to ensure the stability and reliability required.

Volumetric Detection (Pet friendly)

The detectors intelligent PI (Pet Immune) technology analyses the difference between an intruder and a pet signal, with immunity up to 24kg and 10m coverage range.

Blue Wave Technology (BWT)

This technology further enhances the detector’s immunity to infra-red noise in the environment. BWT comprises of 2 key components: 1). The new 3D optics system enables perfect focusing of the infra-red signal onto the pyro-electric sensor. This allows BWT to clearly identify the positive and negative signal edges. 2). Powerful software embedded into a microprocessor is used to process the received information from the pyro-electric sensor. The result of this combination is lower infra-red signal noise amplification and therefore better immunity.

Wireless Technology

All the components to our home alarm systems work wireless , meaning no cabling work is needed. The two way wireless encryption protocol has been developed to ensure that the communication between all wireless system components is protected on a very high security level. The protocol uses the 128 BITS advanced encryption key (cannot be hacked or jammed).

Home Control

Our expert technicians will connect your smart devices to the Home Control app.  This gives you all the control you need to arm/disarm your home alarm system and receive notifications wherever you may be in the world. Ultimate peace of mind.

Lifetime guarantee on all EYESEC security products

For as long as you subscribe to a maintenance or technical support package EYESEC takes care of all replacements and repairs that your system may require, and provides assistance and labour whenever you need it. You also will receive the latest software upgrades free of charge so that your security system is always up to date.

If you opt not to have a technical support or maintenance package you can still give us a call to arrange a call out.

All of our systems are designed to offer value for money, while offering the best equipment on the market.
Simply call one of our advisers for a quick chat – they will be able to advise you on the best system for your needs and also where you can save costs.
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